Map Critique 5

November 30, 2009

Map Critique 5

            The map I chose to critique is called, “Atlas of Faiths”. It shows the different religions and what part of the world each religion is in. The religions are represented by a different shade of color. There are 16 different categories that are shown. Fifteen of the categories are religions and the 16th category is unpopulated. Some of the religions that are shown are Roman Catholic, Protestant, Mormons, Muslims, and Jews. Also, shown on the map is a pie chart showing the percentage of believers. In the pie chart there are different categories. The largest religion in the world according to this chart is Muslim. Another chart is shown in the map which shows the believers by religion. It forecasts which religions will rise and decrease by 2050.  This is shown in the millions. The chart shows that Christians will have the largest population by 2050.

            I think this map is very interesting. I did not realize that the Muslim religion was so large. The audience for this map could be anyone. This map would be used for scientific use. The map I think shows a pretty good depiction of the world religions. They received their data from Encyclopedia Britannica. The map has most of the good principles of cartography. It has a title, a legend, and a neatline. It does not have a north arrow. Other elements is does have is the source the data came from and the dates of the map. I liked that the map does not just show the map, but it also puts charts on the map to help you understand the map more. The message that the map communicates to me is that religion has a lot to do with what goes on in different regions.


Atlas of Faiths. 2003. 30 Nov. 2009 wp-content/uploads/map_world_religions.gif.


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