Map Critique 2

October 2, 2009

Map Critique 2

The map I chose is called “The World: As America Sees It”. It is a rather funny map. The map divides the world into different regions based on what Americans think of these countries/continents. For instance South America is called cocaine and coffee; Russia is called Russian Mob. Each continent/country is also a different color. The United States is the American flag while Japan is colored yellow and is called “Radioactive Area”. The first thing I see when I look at this map is Africa. Africa is right in the middle of the map; it is very large and has big white and black vertical strips on it. They called Africa “Empty Area”.

I think this map is an interesting way to look at the world. I do not know if it is completely true, but it is very funny to think about the world that way. The audiences for this map are Americans; other countries might take offense to this map. I do not think this would be a real map to use on a daily basis; it is just something fun to look at. It would be more of a piece of art than used for science. This map does not show true political boundaries of the world. It does not follow good principle of cartography. This is map only has a title; it does not show who created the map, the date the map was created,  the legend, the north arrow, and the scale. I think this map communicates the American view of how to look at the world and not any other countries in the world.


The World: As America Sees It. Map. 30 Sept. 2009 <>.


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